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My Go-To Potato Recipe

Since I moved out in 2017, I have learned how to cook. I am not an amazing cook but I thought that I would share one of my favourite recipes for potatoes! This recipe is a spin off of the one that my mom taught me over the phone after I finally got fed up of eating some very sad attempts at meals.

What you are going to need (1 potato per person):

Tin foil

Pam (I use the one that is olive oil based)

1 white potato (I try to source mine from a local fruit/vegetable stand or grocery store)

Butter (I use earth balance but any butter will do)

Garlic powder


Special Potato seasoning (from, a NYC based store)

Step 1 Preheat your oven to 385°F, I prefer this setting because I am always impatient to eat food. Next you'll need to prep the tinfoil, give yourself plenty of tinfoil to wrap the cut up potato in.

Step 2

Wash your potato and cut it into quarter and thin slices. Once you have completed this you will want to spray the Pam on to the tinfoil, where you will be placing the sliced up potato. Place the potato slice in the centre of the tinfoil, where the Pam is.

Step 3

SPICES!!!! I like to add the spices before the butter because then the butter melts onto the spices rather then the other way around. You will add the garlic powder next, I did not include a measurement as the amount I add depends on how I am feeling at that moment. Add what you feel is enough. Next add some salt, I add a small amount as I don't normally add more salt to my food. Lastly add the Special Potato seasoning from Spices and Tease. I typically add enough to lightly cover the potato slices.

Step 4

Add your butter on top of the potato slices and spices. Again the amount varies but I like to put a fair amount, this is to create enough grease for a bit of a sauce. After completing this you will need to wrap it all up into a tinfoil burrito, so that none of the heat will escape the wrap.

Step 5

After the oven has completed preheating, put your tinfoil potato into the oven. I like to place it on a pan before putting them in the oven as it is easier to remove with oven mitts on. Once the potato has been placed in the oven, set a timer for 30 minutes and let the oven do it's magic. You will start smelling the deliciousness of the concoction and once the timer is up you will need to test the potatoes to make sure that they have been cooked thoroughly.

Step 6

Enjoy the amazing potatoes that have been my meal of choice for the past couple of years.

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